KAOS is a freeform station. All of our DJs program their own shows. We don’t have a rotation, and all physical submissions get a fair chance at airplay. We accept submissions of albums, EPs and multi-song demos on CD and vinyl for our music library. We do not accept physical submissions of singles.

KAOS prefers physical format submissions (CDs, etc.), so send those if possible, but we also accept digital submissions of singles and albums. Digital submissions can be sent to kaos_music@evergreen.edu. Radio stations can’t stream your music, so please send a high quality .mp3 that we can download.

Make it easier for us to play you.

Here are some tips to get your music played on KAOS!

Don’t put your CD in a thin sleeve or slim jewel case. It will get lost in the stacks. Put it in a clearly labeled standard jewel case or digipak if possible. Remember to label the actual CD itself. Make sure to include a track listing. Note any songs where there is swearing – we can’t play anything that isn’t FCC clean!

The One Sheet:
This is exactly what it sounds like. ONE SHEET. This is a quick outline of what you’re sending and why you’re sending it. Think of it as your job resume. Here’s what it needs:

A song list:
– Make sure to list songs that are FCC unfriendly, as in any songs with cursing.
– List “Go To” tracks (pick your best 2 or 3 songs).

– A brief bio with information about the artist and the album you are submitting.

– Your contact information in case we need to get in touch with you.

Tracking Hours: You can call the KAOS Music Director Anna Gordon (360-867-6896) for checking up on your latest releases at the station on Wednesdays, 12-2pm and Thursdays, 2-4pm PST.

Tracking can also be done by email at kaos_music@evergreen.edu

Please send your music to:

KAOS Music Dept.
The Evergreen State College
CAB 104
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia, WA 98505

You can also refer to this wonderful article written by KEXP Seattle about getting airplay!