An Alternative to Advertising

Underwriting identifies your business, products and services as supporting community radio programs on KAOS. Underwriting puts your enterprise in touch with our educated, dynamic audience.


  • Cost-Effective Identification

    Underwriting puts your business in the spotlight with a strong, well-defined market segment of alternative radio listeners, at rates far below those of other promotions.

  • Image Enhancement

    Underwriting acknowledgements are concise and gimmick-free, linking your business or personal identity with the high-quality image of commercial-free radio in the community interest.

  • Tax Benefits

    Underwriting is a tax-deductible, charitable contribution to the Evergreen State College, licensee of KAOS.

  • Reach an audience that matters

    You can position your announcements in a specific part of the day or near a specific program feature.

  • Support programming you enjoy

    Identify your business with a particular style of music or personality found only on KAOS.

How do I sign up?

Call KAOS General Manager Ruth Brownstein at 360-867-6897 or send an email.



** Acceptance of announcements and underwriters with the potential for conflicts of interest or listener misconceptions will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. KAOS may refuse to accept underwriting from companies, businesses, organizations, or any other entities deemed to be inconsistent with KAOS’s core values and mission, not of interest to KAOS listeners, or that could be detrimental to the welfare and image of the station.With the sole exception of cases where underwriting agreements do not receive final approval from KAOS’ General Manager, under no circumstances will KAOS refund underwriting donation.